Maybelline Great Lash Lots of Lashes

Lots of Lashes. The first thing that drew me to this product is the applicator. From the moment plastic applicators have been out in the market they have become my essential beauty product. If a mascara wishes to draw my attention, it must have a plastic applicator or I will simply move on. I received this product in the mail as a BzzAgent, and wanted to let my readers know what I thought of it.
I like the plastic applicator and the shape of the wand is an added bonus. It really helps getting those lashes in the corners of your eyes without having to worry about accidently smearing formula on your eyelids (something I do a lot). I don't care how good the formula might be, if you don't have the right applicator it will not look good. It's like trying to apply foundation - the wrong tool will make it look streaky.
The color I received was Very Black (141), and black masacaras are my favorite. The formula is a bit on the wet side, but that's not an issue. I don't particularly care about the smell of mascara but in case anyone wonders, I could barely smell the formula. I literally had to hold the bottle up to my nose to even smell it. So it's good for anyone who's picky or sensitive to aromas.
The packing says to not let it dry between coats, so I did exactly that. The formula gave me some volume, but it definitely did make my lashes noticeably longer. Also, the formula and wand do such a good job of coating each lash from top to bottom that the wiggle method isn't necessary. If you apply it using the wiggle method it will clump. Usually the wiggle methods works wonders but for this mascara I found that applying it the old fashion way (straight up) worked best. As in personal preference, I prefer the soft feathery look, and this somewhat worked but not to my standards. It didn't necessarily clump, but rather made a few lashes stick together into one.
Also, the tip of the wand tends to hold more product, so make sure to wipe off any excess there. Results: At the end of the day I only had one tiny flake, ONE flake! And don't forget, DO NOT let it dry between coats, apply while it's still wet for flake free lashes!
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