Gucci Flora Garden Collection

I was exceptionally surprised when I received such a generous sample of Gucci's Flora Garden Collection for being a bzzagent. I loved how mini samples and deluxe samples were included in a beautiful white box.

Here is what I thought of each scent: Gorgeous Gardenia is much more flowery and sweet making it one of the more girly scents from the collection. This is the type of scent I would wear whilst wearing a dress, going to a picnic, and out on a date with the hubby.
Gracious Tuberose is a more 'greener' version with has a grassy scent to it. Personally, it is the most mature scent of them all. I see someone wearing this to a business meeting.
Finally, Glamorous Magnolia (my favorite of them all)' has a powdery scent to it that slightly reminds me of baby powder but is still mature and attention grabbing. It's a scent that one could wear all day.