Organic Beauty

These past couple of months I have been slowly migrating to the use of natural products. It's just something that I simply decided one day. Honestly, I didn't care that my beauty products contained parabens and all that other junk, I just didn't. Well, after some research I was surprised to find that certain ingredients such as oxybenzone are banned in certain countries. In case you are wondering, oxybenzone is used in many sunscreens as the main ingredient, however not that many people know that is was labeled as the most powerful free radical generator know to man. A free radical that speeds up the aging process. Thanks but no thanks.

I know I might not be able to completely go paraben free, but I am doing what I can. I also know that products labeled as 'natural' or 'organic' aren't always as they claim to be. What I have noticed from switching a few products here and there is that my skin looks healthier to the point were I can bare it all and not be self conscious about it. I have made it my choice to used to safe organic beauty products, and to be honest it wasn't easy at first but it's definitely worth it.





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