don't you worry ABOUT A THING

Hi everyone! I wanted to show you my new diary/planner for the coming 2015 year. 
I'm not exactly a girly type of gal, but I just couldn't resist this cuteness when I came across it. I believe the name of the company that makes these is PonyBrown. It's sort-of a combo between a diary and planner which is why I love this thing. It also comes with a clear cover to protect it. 
It includes a yearly at-a-glance planner to jot down things. So far I've only added some holidays, but will definitely add birthdays later. 
Best of all its undated! You can start it whenever you want. I've decided to wait and start until the new year. This is the monthly view, good for adding special dates, appointments, and major events you want to remember.
And here is the weekly view. This is where the 'diary' part comes in. It's where I plan on elaborating more on appointment dates, maybe add to-do's, and write a small diary entry of that day. I'm the type of person that likes to write on a diary but likes to keep it short. I will also be decorating it with cute washi tape...
...and stickers! How cute are these!? These stickers were included as well. I'm afraid I'll use them all up before next year is over. Sticker shopping is definitely next on my to-do list.

Have a lovely day!