Stress Less with Minimalism

New Year's resolutions. Goals such as quitting a bad habit or working out more are of usually norm when a new year begins. These are great goals but I wanted to add something more.

My goal for this year: stress less.

I am a relatively calm person and have even received comments about how I stay calm in stressful situations. Don't get me wrong, I do stress but I usually ask myself the question "Is it useful?". Is stressing out over this or that contributing in any useful way? The answer is usually no and it helps to keep myself together. Most of the time there must be something that can be done.

One of the primary sources of stress last year was/is my home.

First off, I left my job and had a baby. I get to spend almost every minute of my day raising my little tortilla chip of energy and I.love it. But hot damn, does our home never get clean?! It's like a never ending cleaning cycle. Being new at this whole stay-at-home-mom thing, I thought it would result in a 24/7 sparkling clean home. Nope, not with a baby. For some reason getting to a cleaning task flat at fails at times. The chores stack up because you have a tiny human to take care of and demands your attention. People always say "the chores can wait", but I get uneasy when our place gets messy. Especially now with a curious baby. A messy home could result in a unsafe situation if things are left lying around. 

A few weeks ago while browsing Netflix during some me time. The documentary Minimalism: Documentary About the Important Things caught my attention, so I watched it. In short, Minimalism is about how to live a meaning life with less. You do not necessarily deprive yourself of things. Instead you keep only the important things in different aspect of your life resulting in a more meaningful and less stressful life. This is just what I needed! In terms of ones home, our home should be not be a source of stress but a place of retreat to unwind and relax. Less stuff will result in less stress! Its a process, but since watching the documentary I have been going through our home and getting rid of things. I has made a difference already when it comes to household chores. Cleaning is becoming more simple and streamlined. I can only image what it will be like once our entire home is done. I definitely recommend watching Minimalism. Or if you prefer, they also have a series of books available. The most popular being this one.

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